• Pittsburgh is proud to join the cities in the GLCN as we recognize that climate justice and sustainability must be addressed locally and globally. Procurement is an investment of public money and so it's critical that it be spent in an equitable and responsible way that promotes clean energy and sustainable solutions so that our money, our investments, and our jobs are creating a better Pittsburgh and world for all.
    Mayor William Peduto

Pittsburgh - USA

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Sustainable Procurement in Pittsburgh

The city of Pittsburgh approaches procurement and the connected budgeting processes with a lense of resilience. Pittsburgh, second largest city in the US-state of Pennsylvania, uses its purchasing power as key tool to help achieve climate mitigation targets and to reduce consumption of resources. In addition, the city leverages procurement to support local start-ups as well as to collaborate with other cities in incentivising the market to implement on the renewable energy transition.

The city is part of the Urban Transition Alliance, an opportunity for industrial legacy cities across the world to demonstrate their commitment to inclusive and sustainable urban development. Pittsburgh focusses on the exchange on training models that connect local workforce development programs with both labor and clean energy project developers.

Sustainable procurement in Pittsburgh means the opportunity to take a process oriented approach where change starts as a pilot that is then scaled-up across teams and departments - integrating lessons learned on the way. For example, in an effort increase efficiency and to decrease our waste, the City of Pittsburgh began an e-signature pilot project in January of 2020. Since then it has been expanded from a small select group of documents to being used with all city contracts.  So far in the last 9 months the City has Pittsburgh has saved the following equivalents through e-signatures:

  • 10,776 lbs of wood (approximately 33 trees)
  • 31,731 gallons of water (approximately 24 washing machines)
  • 25,296 lbs of CO2 (approximately 2 ¼ car)
  • 1,752 lbs of waste (approximately 30 trash cans)

 “Sustainability and Social Responsibility have always been an important aspect of the procurement process in Pittsburgh, as well as being a personal priority.   We have made a lot of progress in the last five years in working toward the Mayor’s goal to become fossil fuel free by 2030 in addition to the large increase of contracting with small & disadvantaged businesses announced earlier this year and the institution of the Living Wage and Paid Sick Leave ordinances that all companies must comply with when they do business in the City.

Pittsburgh is honored and excited to be only the second U.S. City asked to join such a prestigious global network of experts that will help Pittsburgh implement a world-class circular procurement program to address the climate and social issues we are all experiencing into all City procurements, setting our City up to thrive for many years to come.”

- Jennifer L. Olzinger, Assistant Director/Procurement Manager, Office of Management & Budget



2nd largest city in Pennsylvania
> 300k Inhabitants
151km² Area
2,000/km² Density
Joined 2020



Pittsburgh in the Spotlight

City of Pittsburgh divests from fossil fuels
City of Pittsburgh divests from fossil fuels
Daring cities use their public procurement power to tackle the climate crisis
Daring cities use their public procurement power to tackle the climate crisis
Taking action in a time of crisis: the City of Pittsburgh leads the way leveraging procurement power
Taking action in a time of crisis: the City of Pittsburgh leads the way leveraging procurement power



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