• Public spending represents almost one fifth of GDP in the European Union - clearly, responsible public procurement represents a tremendous opportunity, not only to make our societies more sustainable, but also to ensure social justice and fair treatment.
    Deputy Mayor Anni Sinnemäki


By 2020, 100% of procurement processes
will integrate sustainability

Sustainable procurement commitments within the city’s
Environmental Policy 2012


Public procurement represents over 40 percent of the City of Helsinki spending. The total procurement spending including all Helsinki City Group organizations exceeds 2 billion euros annually.

Helsinki City Strategy 2017-2021 includes the objective to be a carbon neutral city by the year 2035. Following this, the City has agreed upon a proposal for the Carbon Neutral Helsinki 2035 action plan.

The Carbon Neutral Helsinki 2035 action plan focuses mainly on sectors outside the EU Emissions Trading System, such as construction, transport and procurement, which have no binding emission goals. Procurement has been identified as an important tool in achieving the goal of carbon neutrality and the action plan includes many actions connected to procurement. These actions are in line also with the goals set in the City’s environmental policy for year 2020.

Key actions connected to procurement are to:

  • develop existing and introduce new criteria to take account of life cycle, circular economy and climate perspective in procurement
  • recognize relevant procurement in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and to develop emission calculations, life cycle modelling and climate effect evaluation regarding this procurement
  • apply environmentally emphasized effectiveness assessment in procurement
  • increase business cooperation via experimenting and pilots and to apply for funding to do innovative procurement to decrease greenhouse gas emissions
  • create strategic goals and a road map for sustainable and innovative procurement in City of Helsinki Group increase responsible procurement cooperation with municipalities, joint authorities and other public sector stakeholders

To increase sustainable procurement and to enhance related co-operation the City has also established an internal network for sustainable procurement.




Sustainable Procurement Profile


Download here


Contact person: Jorma Lamminmäki, Procurement Director, City of Helsinki



Energy efficient office ICT equipment

The City’s Centre acts as a central purchasing unit and manages purchasing framework agreements, such as the one for office IT equipment (and related services) which was published in October 2014. The total purchases made from the framework contract are expected to yield energy savings of 27% and cost savings of €72,000 over the lifetime of the products - offsetting a total of 172 tonnes of CO2 equivalents. Forecasts have been made using Helsinki’s last tender, from 2012, for office IT equipment as a benchmark. The framework contract was made with three operators/suppliers and has an estimated value of €50,000,000 (excluding value added tax). Download the full case study here.




To find out more about the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement, contact:

ICLEI's Sustainable Procurement Centre
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Mr. Mark Hidson

Leopoldring 3
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Telephone: +49 (0) 761 – 368 92 0
E-mail: mark.hidson@iclei.org


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