9 May 2017
Buenos Aires

The City of Buenos Aires issues its Sustainable Procurement Profile

The City of Buenos Aires issues its Sustainable Procurement Profile
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The Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires has been working on the inclusion of sustainability criteria in public procurement processes since 2012. Amongst their achievements, having trained in sustainable procurement more than 400 purchasers within the Goods and Services Purchasing and Procurement System, having developed three SPP Recommendations Guides, and leading SPP processes both in Argentina and in the region.

Buenos Aires is already purchasing different products introducing sustainable criteria. When buying materials and electronic devices, the City aims at reducing energy consumption and to encourage the use of renewable energies. Requirements such as durability and waste management are considered when acquiring computer equipment. Buenos Aires adopted an electronic government management model in order to reduce the amount of paper used. For the printing paper that needs to be purchased, it is required that it derives from sugar cane making process or that it has specific certificates.

The City sets up new challenges for the future with the goal of stimulating the demand for more sustainable goods, services and businesses, by performing a role in the validation of suppliers that increasingly taking sustainable criteria into account.

To read the Sustainable Procurement Profile, visit here




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