7 June 2016

Denver and Rotterdam meet to discuss sustainable procurement strategies

Denver and Rotterdam meet to discuss sustainable procurement strategies

Representatives of the cities of Denver, United States, and Rotterdam, The Netherlands, have met to discuss how the two city governments implement their sustainable procurement activities. Both cities are part of the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement, pushing to drive a transition to sustainable consumption and production by purchasing sustainably.

Denver is rewriting its executive order regarding procurement this year, and the City is looking into other cities’ policies and plans to exchange ideas and shape its procurement actions. As Denver and Rotterdam have similar populations, Jerry Tinianow, Chief Sustainability Officer of the City of Denver, and Léon Dijk, Coordinator of Sustainable Public Procurement of the City of Rotterdam, have shared experiences to compare how both cities organise their procurement and introduce sustainable criteria. Tinianow and Dijk also looked at strategies for assessment of needs, an approach that encourages procurement practitioners to first consider if the most sustainable solution might be to buy nothing at all.

One of the main differences identified between both cities is that Rotterdam has a larger procurement budget due to the fact that the European city includes procurement for the schools, whereas in Denver, as in most other cities in the US, the school system is not under the control of the municipal government.

Denver and Rotterdam have just finalised their Sustainable Procurement Profiles, including information about their policies, strategies, achievements and challenges. These documents are aimed at showcasing how the GLCN on SP cities are championing sustainable procurement.

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