10 February 2016

The City of Cape Town to procure electric buses

The City of Cape Town to procure electric buses
Image (Pixabay) , licensed under Creative Commons CC0

The City of Cape Town will issue a tender for the procurement of electric buses for the MyCiTi service, in line with their commitment to lowering carbon emissions.

Since the inception of MyCiTi service in May 2010, approximately 38.5 million passenger journeys have been recorded on it to date.

“As we extend the footprint of the MyCiTi service across the city, we also have a responsibility to lower our carbon emissions and the impact of pollution on the urban environment,” says Mayor Patrice De Lille. “Cities across the world will soon reach a point where alternative fuel for public transport is no longer a choice but a prerequisite, and as such the City of Cape Town has decided to expand our current fleet of diesel buses with electric ones.”

A tender for the procurement of a fleet of 12-metre electric buses is due to be advertised by the beginning of February 2016. The City is also considering electric double-decker buses for longer distance trips as they have more seating. The tender specifies that the electric buses should be able to travel at least 250 km in traffic before the batteries need recharging. Apart from the buses, the successful bidder must also provide the City with the charging stations for the buses and the necessary training for the bus drivers and mechanical engineers.

“If all goes according to plan, Transport for Cape Town will be the first municipality in the country to benefit from the latest alternative fuel technology and we will be the first city in Africa to use electric buses for public transport,” states Mayor De Lille.




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